Our Vision

Vision Our vision is to give kids from all backgrounds the ability to learn and develop their digital skills. We want to try help guide and nurture their development so that they too can step up and start helping people around them. We want to build a community of support around each and every person who joins the Kids Coding community.

Equality Matters

Children do not have an equal start in life. As adults we have a choice in almost everything we do and become. A 10-year-old child on the other hand is limited and governed by their elders, economic and social circumstances. Surely as their guardians we should do all we can to ensure they have the best possible start in life.

Who we are.

We are just normal parents pretty much like everyone else. We have been involved in technology for the last 20 or so years and have watched how it has crept into every part our our daily lives. We would like to make sure that all kids, teenagers and young adults have an opportunity to learn in an environment that has no hidden agendas. It should be free, accessible at times suitable to them and most of all, FUN.


Gigantic Dreamer
Persistently Optimistic


Fun Loving
Joyful Believer

Accounts & Legal

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Three Simple Things

1 Kids Coding needs to be free for all kids, teenagers and young adults who want to come learn and meet other like minded people. Obviously there are costs involved but thats for the adults to worry about.

2 Whilst routine is great for scheduled classes and planned training, sometime you just want to tinker. We want Kids Coding to be a place that people want to come and do just that Tinker when they want.

3Most of all we want everything about Kids Coding to be fun, practical and useful. What is the point of having to learn something you dont want to do?

What’s in it for you?

This is about giving people an opportunity to learn and enable themselves. The whole ethos behind this, is that by enabling others, they will then be able to do the same.